A guide to cleaning and maintaining school furniture

There are times when we look at a place and it gives a bad impression of the place because it hasn’t been maintained in a long time. We have all came across classroom furniture that is poorly maintained. This creates a poor impression of the school and neither does it create an inspiring and learning environment for the students. It may be the scrawl of a bored student on the school tables, but they take away the look of school furniture and requires replacement. Replacing furniture on a regularity invites more and more cost. In this blog are some tips which will help you keep your school furniture neat and clean.

Marks of pen

Pencil and pen marks are the most common ways in which the furniture of a school gets ruined. There are a lot of budget-friendly ways using which, you can get rid of these marks. For example, you can make a paste of water and baking soda and apply it on the marks for 15-20 seconds and then clean the paste with a clean and soft cloth. White vinegar can also be used as it is a commonly recommended tool for cleaning and you can also use a cloth by moistening it in hairspray. These tricks will surely work for removing the pen and pencil marks off the school tables.

Stains of Grease

Greasy patches on the school furniture make their way on the school furniture anyhow, from stubborn fingerprints to sneaking snacks, especially by the younger groups of students. Greasy patches are the easiest to clean and can be cleaned by combining water with any washing liquid on a cloth. It is better to use reusable cloth than paper towels to offer the environment little help.

Chewing gum

Of all the jobs that include furniture maintenance, this is the worst of all. Every classroom has witnessed chewing up under the tables and chairs. However, we have some ideas you can approach to get rid of chewing gum from the furniture. The most common method is to place a bag of ice over the gum to harden it and then scrap it off using a tool that does not damage the furniture. Another method is to simply apply duct tape and remove it to get rid of determined gum remains.

Before you try any new trick or cleaning method, it is better that you test those methods somewhere inconspicuous to ensure its safety and so it will not leave harmful effects on the school furniture.


It will help if you keep regular checks on the furniture. Regular checks will prevent the furniture from significant damages. Make sure that you check the fittings of your school furniture such as screws and if you catch any issue, get it resolved before that piece of furniture breaks. Try to purchase lighter furniture so it can be moved easily when required to move. When you try to move heavy and large pieces of furniture, it can result in weak joints and loose elements. You ought to get a maintenance policy that defines how often you should check your furniture and clean it and how to report the problems, if any found in the school furniture.