Tips for Finding Business Partner

This fits perfectly with my condition, who is looking for a business partner to develop the hosting business that I am currently working on. Grateful that every month some register domains, hosting, and creating websites. So from that, I need a partner to manage the business.

For those who don’t know, my website hosting address is Hehe, as well as introducing, maybe some don’t know …

Well, here are his tips in finding business partners. Please listen, SHARE, LIKE, TWEET, and more importantly put it into practice.

  1. when I do business with someone married | usually I first investigate the quality of his kindness to his wife
  2. when a man is nice to his wife | then he’s the most likely trusted business partner
  3. but when a man treats his wife harshly or maliciously | most likely in business will be betrayed
  4. logically, the wife is the person closest to the husband | even Allah gives closeness more than others
  5. even in front of our parents, we are not allowed to be naked but a husband is allowed so in front of his wife
  6. that is, Allah SWT provides the closeness of husband and wife | an unmatched closeness from the rest
  7. logically, even if the closest one is rough treatment | how to treat it with others?
  8. logically, even if the closest ones are still lying | then how to become a trustworthy business partner?