Standard Chartered Bank, which issues premium products in the form of Standard Chartered credit cards, is one of the 5 leading international banks in England.

Since 2006, in collaboration with the CIA, this bank has carried out the process of acquiring 89% of its share ownership in Bank which is one of the 8 largest banks in the country and positions Standard Chartered Bank as one of the largest foreign investors in the banking services industry in England.

This bank has the largest geographical coverage, which includes 27 branch offices opened in 8 major cities with the availability of support from more than 49,000.

Standard Chartered credit cards are known to have the advantage of the SteadyPay feature, which is the convenience for cardholders to purchase the latest gadget devices with low monthly installments.

Also, this credit card product has other advantages, namely the SMS Banking facility which is intended to facilitate and speed up access to customer transactions to a savings account or credit card held by the customer. There is also a credit card feature that offers Airport Lounge facilities for customers who frequently travel using air transportation.

By teles