Most of the world’s waters are severely polluted, which has exacerbated the opposition of water scarcity. The traditional water supply method cannot guarantee the supply of high quality drinking water, and there are two pollution problems in the municipal water supply, such as The high level water supply and the long tap water line, which will lead to potential armor, scale and pollution problems such as microorganisms, therefore created different brands of water purifiers.

According to the water quality treatment method, the water purifier can be divided into the following


a) Granulated activated carbon: It is more commonly used and the carbonaceous materials such as essence, coal and husk (nuclear) are produced by chemical method or physical activation method. It has a very large number of micropores and specific surface area, so it has a strong adsorption capacity and can effectively adsorb organic pollutants in water. During the activation process, some non-crystalline sites on the surface of the activated carbon form oxygen-containing functional groups, making the activated carbon for chemisorption and catalytic oxidation and reduction properties and effectively removing some metal ions in water.

b) Infiltration of activated carbon: The combination of activated carbon and silver not only has an adsorption effect on organic pollutants in water, but also has a bactericidal effect and does not grow bacteria in the activated carbon and solves the problem of nitrite sometimes occurring in the water purifier. 

By teles