Even if you feel relatively happy and comfortable in your existing home, there may inevitably come a time when you start to feel as if another property would better suit your changing needs or circumstances, and you start searching for Swindon estate agents online.

If you’re wondering whether now might be the time for you to pack up and move on to pastures new, here are 6 signals that you could be right:

1. Storage has become a priority

As we grow older and our lives change, our needs and desires change, too, and while we might not have given two hoots about where to put everything that we’ve accumulated over the years when we were younger, now that we’ve got so much stuff, we can’t help but dream of bigger, better places to store it in! From walk-in wardrobes to utility rooms, garages and sheds, if your storage needs have outgrown your home, it could be time to make the move and get in touch with some trusted Swindon Estate agents.

2. Your kids don’t have a room of their own

While it might be okay for your kids to share rooms with their siblings when they’re very small, as they get older, they typically start yearning for their own space. However, if you now have more children than you have bedrooms, sharing will be something they’ll have to continue doing, unless you move to a bigger property. 

3. There’s not enough room for entertaining

Whether you begrudgingly take your turn at hosting dinner parties for friends and neighbours, or are obsessed with cooking great food and sharing it with others in your home, if you haven’t got enough room in your home to invite people over, things could get more than a little cozy!

4. Your home can’t be made any bigger

Perhaps you’ve already had space woes but have extended your home upwards, outwards, or both, and there’s nowhere left to go? If you’ve truly outgrown your home and it’s bursting at the seams, there really is no other alternative than to move. 

5. You’re forced to park streets away from your home

There’s nothing more inconvenient than having to walk several streets to get to your home once you’ve parked up at night, or having to carry heavy shopping bags from the car to your home. If parking has become a nightmare where you live, and you yearn to be able to leave your car outside your front door (or better yet, in a garage), moving to a new neighbourhood could well make your dream come true.

6. You’re spending a lot of time on online property portals

If you’re often absentmindedly clicking on properties online and envisaging yourself living in the homes you see, this could be a clear indicator that it’s time to bite the bullet and look for a new home. While there’s nothing wrong with dreaming (and we all do it, I’m sure), if it’s becoming something that you seem to do more and more, you probably need to have a serious conversation with an estate agent, otherwise you’ll always be in a dreamlike state, constantly wondering what life would be like if you lived in a different, better home.

If you’ve noticed any of the above signals, or have experienced a combination of more than one of them, it could be time to address the issue, by addressing your address!

By teles