Taking down a tree can be sad, especially if it was a particularly beloved tree, but it can also be a relief if the tree was diseased or causing problems. Roots can get too close to the foundation of a home, trees can weaken to the point where windstorms pose a significant danger, and more.

However, after the tree is taken down, you still have a reminder of its life: the stump. What happens if you don’t remove a tree stump? Can it sit there forever as a nice seat in your yard, or will it start to cause problems after a while? Here’s what you need to know about tree stump removal in Attleboro, MA and how to tell if you need it.

Anatomy of a Tree Stump

After tree trimming or removal, the stump stays behind. What parts of the tree are left behind with it?

Underneath the stump, there’s the tree’s root system. The roots are incredibly strong by design- they’re spread out through the earth in order to hold the heavy tree upright, and depending on the age and species of the tree, they may be very thick. Much like human arteries and veins, there are typically three to four “main” roots which are larger than the others and branch off into smaller roots in the surrounding soil. Professional tree stump removal in Attleboro MA is usually required in order to remove root systems.

The stump itself sits above ground and can be an interesting way to get some insight into the life of the tree. Children may enjoy counting the rings to see how old the tree was.

Can You Leave a Tree Stump in Your Yard?

Some people suggest decorating the tree stump and making it into a fun yard accessory, but it’s really best to have tree stump removal in Attleboro, MA done as soon as possible after removing a tree. Leftover stumps can eventually cause more trouble than they are worth.

5 Signs You Need Tree Stump Removal in Attleboro MA

Keep an eye out and if you notice any of these signs, it’s time to call an expert.

Your Kids Are Playing On It

Children playing on a tree stump may not seem like that big of a deal- at least they’re playing outside, right? However, tree stumps can quickly become a safety hazard, especially if the wood has begun to rot away. Kids can trip and fall, have a weak piece of the stump go out from under them, or even fall while jumping over it.

It’s Beginning to Rot

Once a tree is removed, the stump dies. Dead wood rots over time, especially in particularly moist environments. It typically takes three to seven years for a tree stump to rot naturally. Still, it’s best to look into tree stump removal in Attleboro MA as soon as you notice any rot.

It Looks Unsightly

As charming as a tree stump may look at first, the charm decreases significantly as it starts to age and rot away. The exterior appearance and curb appeal of a home is important to most homeowners, so if the tree stump becomes a blemish in a well-manicured yard, it’s time for it to go.

It’s Growing Mushrooms

Some people would be delighted to find mushrooms growing on a tree stump, particularly those fascinated by fungi. Though mushroom growth is technically good news for the stump, indicating normal and healthy decay, it’s not necessarily good news for the person dealing with the stump. Once fungus appears, decay will accelerate and introduce even more problems into your yard.

Pests Have Appeared

Decaying wood tends to attract bugs. After the tree stump has sat outside for a while, you may start to notice beetles, ants, and/or termites gathering on or around it. Much like fungi and mushrooms, this is another sign that the decay is advancing and the stump should be removed sooner rather than later.

Why Should You Remove Tree Stumps?

Many homeowners would prefer to leave tree stumps where they are until they decay fully and return to the earth. However, stumps can cause problems if they are not removed. If bugs are starting to eat away at the stump, they could spread to other trees or even nearby structures. The last thing you want is an infestation- especially if it’s termites! Termites, best known for eating wood, can weaken and compromise the structural integrity of your house.

Termites aside, if the tree was initially removed due to disease, you’ll want to hire tree stump removal services in Attleboro, MA as soon as possible. Even after the tree is dead, diseases can still spread to other trees on your property, which in turn will leave you with even more stumps. To prevent the spread of root rot and other diseases, be sure to have the entire root system removed.

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